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"Broadleaf" offers a range of support options to suit your requirements.

It is most usual for modifications and changes to occur as a new site "beds in" and all such changes for the first 60 days following launch are included in the original price.

Thereafter support fees apply. Ongoing support is purchased in the form of pre paid support credits, the more you buy the cheaper they are and, as they don't "time expire", this provides an effective way to ensure the support you need when you need it. Go here to purchase "Support Credits"...

New "project" work is usually quoted and agreed with a fixed price for a particular job.

Other options include a standard Pay-As-You-Go hourly fee, which is discounted for "SEO customers" compared to "non SEO customers". An SEO customer is one who has signed up for one of the monthly SEO support arrangements (Bronze, Silver or Gold) all of which provide full site statistics, with reports, analysis and recommendations/action to improve your SERP (Search Engine Report Page) position. The different packages allocate increasing amounts of time per month to this process.

Ongoing charges and payment options

The following headings detail the main components of ongoing support as provided by Broadleaf Business Solutions

Broadleaf Hosting Charges

Hosting charges apply monthly and are normally arranged by Standing Order. Alternatively we can arrange regular invoicing in advance, whichever you prefer.   These charges include:

  • The payments for the Hosting fees.
  • Provision of Emails
  • Basic Security Updates.
  • The day to day administration associated with hosting both the site and email functionality as required. 

Broadleaf AutoBackup & Security Charges

AutoBackup & Security charges also apply monthly and can be added to your Standing Order.  These charges cover:

  • Updating of all BBS installed extensions to the latest compatible version released.
  • Full Security Updates.
  • Updating of the core Joomla Files to the latest stable version.
  • Daily automatic "last 30 days" sequenced backup to a remote (off-server) location (Cloud based @ Amazon S3) with failure monitoring.

Please note that if you choose NOT to sign up for the Auto-backup and Security service and there is a problem, there will be a Restore and Reconciliation charge of £299 as we will need to check all aspects of your site for version compatibility and security compliance.  Also, there is the potential of lost work as we cannot Guarantee restoration of the latest data.

"Broadleaf" provides full ongoing management support for all sites built and operated by Broadleaf Business Solutions and will maintain a full master site inventory on your behalf. You may have a copy of the files involved at any time.

Please contact me for the latest prices or a "no obligation" chat, I'm always happy to discuss the options whether for web hosting, web design or SEO







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